About Securing Individual Freedom in a Socialist World

Individual Freedom is on the verge of being extinguished. The last bastion of Individual Freedom, the United States of America, is now a lawless land led by a tyrannical government, supporting a worldwide oligarchy made up of an alliance of Government, Wall Street, Mega-Corporations, Mainstream Media, and all of their wellspring – the Education Complex. This assault on individual freedom in America began decades ago by the purposeful infiltration of the Academy by anti-individual freedom operatives. The USA today is a fractured, isolated society having consciously chosen the chimera of safety from invented foes over individual freedom.

The anti-individual freedom forces in America used the weakness of our Founding document, the Constitution, and thus, the Bill of Rights to drive a wedge between many diverse cultures that make up our Republic. This fatal compromise was necessary to insure a melding of 13 diverse social and economic states into one Federation. No longer a Melting Pot, the USA has become a confused, weak society with the individual a hunted being. These weaknesses were present from the first day of Union and would ultimately provide the very tools to enslave the individual. The weakness? That the greatest declaration of freedom the world has known was based on a series of compromises that would provide a crack in our foundation to be exploited.

Further, the amazing culmination of the Information Revolution, the Internet has been subverted against the very individual freedoms it promised to enhance. The recent de-platforming of various conservative web sites and individuals (including a sitting President) has shown a spotlight on the freedom inadequacies of mega corporation-controlled social media networks. In addition, the technical inexperience of the owners/operators of these sites has left glaring holes in the conservative media sphere when popular outlets for conservative thought have been shut down. This has allowed a relatively small number of pundits and media news presenters to dominate the social media arena while suppressing opposing voices; the very antithesis of freedom.

Finally, the very real fraud of the 2020 Presidential Election in the USA has shown a 100 million Americans that they now have zero recourse to right political wrongs; they have no political power. The lawlessness of Washington DC coupled with the revelation that the idea of two opposing political parties is nothing more than pantomime for public display, resulting in a widespread fear that was last felt in 1776. For all intents and purposes America has reentered a period where citizens are forced to economically support very real governmental actions with which they do not agree, a return to taxation without representation.

A glimmer of hope

Traditional media is almost closed to the voices of individual freedom. Supposed champions of individual thought on television and radio have been exposed as frauds and shills for the freedom killing Mainstream Media. Apart from a few narrowly focused journals, the printed media is awash with alleged ‘conservative’ pundits whose answer to our loss of individual freedom is to vote. While the very openness of the Information Highway has been perverted to extinguish political discourse, there is still hope. Various conservative forums have learned the lessons of ‘de-platforming’ and are aggressively moving to secure their cloud infrastructure and continue acting as impartial forums for discussions of our freedom issues.

Your Freedom Solutions

Great, the conservative blog-o-sphere is securing technology and money to reain as viable forums. Conservative talk radio, television and web media are loudly proclaiming the problems facing individual freedom. So what. Talking about a problem is not action. What can 100 million disenfranchised Americans DO about reclaiming our Republic for The People? Andrew Britebart coined the saying “politics is downstream from culture”, implying that one must first change culture before change to the political reality can be achieved. Andrew was correct, as far as he went. Sure, changing culture was and is the mechanism used by anti-individual freedom comrades. Cancel culture has been used effectively as evidenced by our situation today. This method is fine for the anti-individual freedom movement because the previously entrenched culture via arrogance, apathy or trust in the system, has been usurped, and unseated by the antithesis of the principles upon which our American Republic was built. We need a solution that is powerful, comprehensive and adheres to the bedrock principles of individual freedom. This tool exists. The most powerful force available in the world today. A force that harnesses the actions of the billions of people yearning for individual freedom that does not empower a distant oligarchy. This magical power? Your wallet. The number one ‘vote’ all freedom loving people can wield is the economic power represented by our daily spending habits. And while it is true that culture is upstream from politics, they are both downstream from economics. Your Freedom Solutions are a series of services offered in a technologically secure environment that promotes the same ideals and mores of most individual freedom loving people. Things like fair play, transparency in transactions, no vulgarity, and no tolerance for those that seek to intimidate or coerce others through intimidation or force. On this platform we identify and promote goods and services offered by like-minded people. In addition, an individual’s information is their own. It is not a commodity to be traded or sold for third party enrichment. A true individual freedom promoting site uses technology to lock all user data into secure storage overseen by the individual, not a mega corporation nor government entities.

The technology exists right now to enable this platform. Are you ready to be truly free?